Getting an object from its address

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This is just for general knowledge and I am pretty sure it may not be possible, but I am curious to know.

Suppose I have a Student class object s1 and I pass it to a function as myFunc(s1.toString()). I haven't overrided toString() function. When the parameter will reach to the function, can I reference back to the original object just by it's address?


public static void main(){     Student s1;     myFunc(s1.toString()); } public static myFunc(String address){     Student s2;     s2 = //get s1 object from address string } 

While the default hashcode in the common implementations does use the object address to generate it, it's not reversible (and the address being used is an implementation detail, not a specified functionality).

Even if it were possible, the address of an object can change during the runtime (whereas the default hashcode doesn't), so it wouldn't be a viable approach even if there were a way to reverse it.


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