How many local variables can a Python (CPython implementation) function possibly hold?

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We already know that Function arguments used to have the limit of 255 explicitly passed arguments. However, this behaviour is changed now and since Python-3.7 there's no limit except sys.maxsize which is actually the limit of python's containers. But what about the local variables?

We basically cannot add local variables to a function in a dynamic manner and/or changing the locals() dictionary is not permitted directly so that one can even test this in a brute force way. But the problem is that even if you change the locals() using compile module or exec function it doesn't affect the function.__code__.co_varnames, hence, you cannot access the variables explicitly inside the function.

In [142]: def bar():      ...:     exec('k=10')      ...:     print(f"locals: {locals()}")      ...:     print(k)      ...:     g = 100      ...:           ...:       In [143]: bar() locals: {'k': 10} --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-143-226d01f48125> in <module>() ----> 1 bar()  <ipython-input-142-69d0ec0a7b24> in bar()       2     exec('k=10')       3     print(f"locals: {locals()}") ----> 4     print(k)       5     g = 100       6   NameError: name 'k' is not defined  In [144]: bar.__code__.co_varnames Out[144]: ('g',) 

This means that even if you use a for loop like:

for i in range(2**17):     exec(f'var_{i} = {i}') 

The locals() will be contain 2**17 variables but you cannot do something like print(var_100) inside the function.

We know that basically there is no need to dynamically add a variable to the function while you can use a dictionary or in other words a custom namespace. But what's the proper way to test the limit of the maximum number of local variables in a function?

2^32. The LOAD_FAST op used for loading local variables only has a 1-byte or 2-byte oparg depending on the Python version, but this can and will be extended up to 4 bytes by one or more EXTENDED_ARG ops, allowing access to 2^32 local variables. You can see some of the helpers used for EXTENDED_ARG in Python/wordcode_helpers.h. (Note that the opcode documentation for EXTENDED_ARG in the dis docs hasn't yet been updated to reflect the new Python 3.6 wordcode structure.)


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