“Google Play services are updating” error on release, not emulator (Google Play Services 12.6.73, Huawei devices)

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I'm facing the same issue as here: "Google Play services are updating" in Google Maps API

Unfortunately, out of no where, some of my users are suffering this issue, as well as my own phone.On the other hand, for other users it seems to work perfectly fine.

  • This issue appears only on maps in my app.

  • I've tried to clean Google Services's cache on my own phone - still nothing.

  • On my Emulator it workes fine.

  • I've searched all over the Internet and haven't managed to find a working solution for this.

  • The most important part is this: Most of the solutions that i've found were ones that needed to be done on a specific device, like cleaning a cache and then restarting the phone. But, when we are talking about an issue that occurs and harm a large portion of my users - there has to be a solution on which I can use in order to help them all at once, by myself, without them needing to do some actions on their own phones.

Otherwise, it would be very frustrating for them and it would make some of them uninstall my app, and cause of what? a bug that I have nothing to do with? everything worked just perfectly fine since about 2 days ago and I didn't make any changes on my app since than at all... so... why?

I'm very disappointed and frustrated...

If there's any way someone could help me, I would very appreaciate it.

Thank you.

This bug is reported by many people in Google issue tracker. It looks like wide range of Huawei devices is severely impacted by latest Play Services update to version 12.6.73. Apparently something changed on the Google side and they are currently investigating what is happening.

The issue is tracked in the following bug:


Star the bug and follow messages from Google engineers.


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