How to just get the method in the implement class with a generic interface in Java

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here I have a generic interface and a class implementing it.

import java.util.Arrays;  interface Interface<T> {     void doSomething(T element); }  class StringImpl implements Interface<String> {     @Override     public void doSomething(String element) {         System.out.println("StringImpl: doSomething");     } }  public class Main {     public static void main(String... args) {         System.out.println(Arrays.toString(StringImpl.class.getDeclaredMethods()));     } } 

And the result is

[public void com.ra.StringImpl.doSomething(java.lang.String),  public void com.ra.StringImpl.doSomething(java.lang.Object)] 

But in fact, I just want the implementing version:

public void com.ra.StringImpl.doSomething(java.lang.String) 

Do you have any convient way to achieve it?

Filter out bridge methods:

Method[] methods =                          .filter(m -> !m.isBridge())                          .toArray(Method[]::new); 


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