Retrieve innermost template type within the template itself

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is it possible to retrieve the innermost type of stacked templates of the same type from within the template? I'd like to retrieve the double type in the following example:

template<typename T> struct is_a : std::false_type {};  template<typename T> struct A {     using type = std::conditional_t<         is_a<T>::value,         T::type, // if it's an A, go deeper         T>;      // if not, we're done }; template<typename T> struct is_a<A<T>> : std::true_type {};  int main() {     A<A<A<A<A<double>>>>>::type d = 3.0;     return 0; } 

It was motivated by this question. Also, I found this post, indicating that it may have something do to with typename or template keyword placing, but I couldn't get it to work myself.

Unless I'm missing something I'd just partially specialize a template to make things easier

template<typename T> struct A {     using type = T; };  template<typename T> struct A<A<T>> {     using type = typename A<T>::type; };  int main() {     A<double>::type a = 5.0;     A<A<double>>::type d = 3.0;     A<A<A<double>>>::type c = 9.5;     return 0; } 

Live sample


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