Better solution for “one, other or both” cases

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I was checking some code, and something similar to the following showed up:

def between_dates(date_1, date_2)   if date_1 && date_2     conditions "created_at >= date_1 AND created_at <= date_2"   elseif date_1     conditions "created_at >= date_1"   elseif date_2     conditions "created_at <= date_2"   end end 

It looked the kind of code that could be improved, but I couldn't find a more elegant solution for such a trivial and common conditional statement.

I'm looking for a better answer for this problem when we must return a value for one, other or both.

I'd use something like this:

def between_dates(date_1, date_2)   parts = []    if date_1     parts << "created_at >= date_1"   end    if date_2     parts << "created_at <= date_2"   end    full = parts.join(' AND ')   conditions(full) end 

This can be further prettified in many ways, but you get the idea.


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