How do I update an object that hasn't been saved without saving it?

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So I am doing this:

@portfolio = current_user.portfolio @port_stock = stock = Stock.find(port_stock_params[:stock_id]) @port_stock.update!(current_price: stock.price)  respond_to do |format|   if 

The issue I am having is that when I call .update! on @port_stock it actually saves the record before later.

So my callbacks are being executed twice, which is messing up stuff in my DB.

So how do I update the new instance of @port_stock.current_price without actually saving the @port_stock object before I call it explicitly?


If you're only updating one attribute, you could just use the setter:

@port_stock.current_price = stock.price 

Or you could do:

stock = Stock.find(port_stock_params[:stock_id]) @port_stock = stock.price)) 


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