is a shared pointer to std::thread a bad practice?

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Does it make sense to use std::shared_ptr < std::thread> ? The logic is simple: if thread is not needed, delete it, if new is required - realocate it. is there any way to compare this concept with pooled threads?

I do know the exact ammount of threads in my system(I develop Image processing algorithm, and I wanted to give each child of "algorithm" class an individual thread (maybe to make it private, then no shared_ptr is required), where this algorithm will be running, and idle this private thread if no image was provided. Is it a bad concept?

You probably miss the fact fact std::thread destructor does not terminate the thread. As already mentioned in the comments, if detach or join was not called before, std::thread destructor calls std::terminate. In other words, std::shared_ptr<std::thread> is pretty useless.

A std::thread is a rather low-level object. You may like to have a look at:


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