Java 8 List of Objects to Map<String, List> of values

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I am trying to convert List<Object> to Map<String, List> using Streams,

public class User{    String name;    String age;    String org; } 

I have List<Users>, and need to collect into Map<String, Object> m,

 m.put("names", List of names,);  m.put("age", List of age);  m.put("org", List of org); 

to be use in named query -> eg: select * from table ... where names in (:names) and age in (:age) and org in (:org)

as of now I am doing like

List<String> names =; List<String> age=; List<String> org=; 

How to collect all the values while streaming to the list only once ?

I believe something like this should work:

Map<String,List<String>> map =             .flatMap(user -> {                 Map<String,String> um = new HashMap<>();                 um.put("names",user.getName());                 um.put("age",user.getAge());                 um.put("org",user.getOrg());                 return um.entrySet().stream();             }) // produces a Stream<Map.Entry<String,String>>             .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(Map.Entry::getKey,                                            Collectors.mapping(Map.Entry::getValue,                                                               Collectors.toList()))); 

It converts each User to a Map<String,String> (containing the 3 required properties indexed by the required keys), and then groups the entries of all the user maps by their keys.


Here's another alternative that creates the Map.Entrys directly instead of creating the small HashMaps, so it should be more efficient:

Map<String,List<String>> map =             .flatMap (user -> Stream.of (new SimpleEntry<>("names",user.getName()),                                          new SimpleEntry<>("age",user.getAge()),                                          new SimpleEntry<>("org",user.getOrg())))             .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(Map.Entry::getKey,                                            Collectors.mapping(Map.Entry::getValue,                                                               Collectors.toList()))); 


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