Attempted to divide by zero Linq

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I'm trying to calculate average based on the sum of columns and how many there are.

Each movie can have a movierating, I'm trying to sum the movieratings together and then divide them by the amount of ratings to get the average rating for a movie.

(reviews.Where(w => w.MovieID == m.MovieID).Sum(o => o.MovieRating)) / reviews.Where(z => z.MovieID == m.MovieID).Count(); 

But the problem is if the count is 0. What can I do about it?

How about using LINQs built in Average function?

reviews     .Where(z => z.MovieID == m.MovieID)     .Select(z => z.MovieRating)     .DefaultIfEmpty(0)     .Average() 

To have the query fully run on the server (depending, I guess, on your database server):

reviews     .Where(z => z.MovieID == m.MovieID)     .Average(z => (decimal?)z.MovieRating) ?? 0 


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