Failed to resolve: play-services-flags

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Today, Android Studio stopped to sync properly due to configuration issues.

Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:app:providerRepositoryDebugCompileClasspath’. Could not find firebase-analytics-impl.aar ( Searched in the following locations: Could not find play-services-flags.aar ( Searched in the following locations:

These two files exist, and I can download them through web browser.

I have fixed first issue by updating firebase core to 16.0.0. (Failed to resolve: firebase-analytics-impl), but I cannot fix the 2nd one.

What's wrong with Android Studio? Yesterday it worked well.

Please don't suggest to add flags library from gms. I tried that already.

Fixed by changing order of repos in PROJECT build.grade:

Instead of

allprojects {     repositories {         jcenter()         maven { url "" }     } } 


allprojects {     repositories {         maven { url "" }         jcenter()     } } 

I think someone suggested this but I don't see his answer anymore.

Very strange issue.


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