Applying an operation on each element of nested list

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I have a complex nested list (depth can be >2 also):

p:((`g;`d1`d2);(`r;enlist `e1);(`r;enlist `p1)) 

How to add an element to each element of the nested list but retaining the original structure; e.g. adding `h to each element of p to get the following :

((`g`h;(`d1`h;`d2`h));(`r`h;enlist `e1`h);(`r`h;enlist `p1`h)) 

I tried this but doesn't give what I want :

q)p,/:`h ((`g;`d1`d2;`h);(`r;enlist `e1;`h);(`r;enlist `p1;`h))  q)raze

,/:`h (`g`h;`d1`d2`h;`r`h;`e1`h;`r`h;`p1`h)

You can use .z.s to recursively go through the nested list and only append `h to lists of symbols:

q){$[0=type x;.z.s'[x];x,/:`h]}p g    h    d1 h d2 h `r`h      ,`e1`h `r`h      ,`p1`h 

For this function I have made the assumption that your nested lists will only contain symbols. It checks the type of the list, if it is not a mixed list then it appends `h to each element. If it is a mixed list then it passes each element of that list back into the function separately to check again.


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