Why is 'a' > 'A' true? [duplicate] Languages

Why is 'a' > 'A' true? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:I was taking a course that was talking about operators and during an exercise this example came up stating that 'a' > 'A' === true. It didn't explain why it is true. I've tried researching a bit on my own and thought maybe it...
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Why can CHAR_BIT usually be 8 in c++ Languages

Why can CHAR_BIT usually be 8 in c++

According to N4140(C++11 working draft):The fundamental storage unit in the C ++ memory model is the byte. A byte is at least large enough to contain any member of the basic execution character set and the eight-bit code units of the Unicode UTF-8 encoding form and is composed of a...
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