Azure Billing - Deprecated plan Languages

Azure Billing – Deprecated plan

This morning I am getting the following message "This account is on a deprecated billing system. Contact Support to move it to the new system." when I open my subscription blade in the portal. When I try to submit a billing support ticket it just hangs while trying to bring...
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Azure Speech API language Languages

Azure Speech API language

I have implemented a chat on a web page, with the possibility to use Speech to text, using Azure Speech API. It works fine but I don't understand where I can set the language understood by the API. I want it to understand french, but when I talk in french,...
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How to access VS code deployed on Azure Languages

How to access VS code deployed on Azure

How can I access all the files that are deployed from Visual Studio into Azure? I am creating a bot using bot framework which I then publish. But, when I go to review the code online I can't see all the files via the App Service Editor/Kudu/etc. The can't locate...
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