Why is the heap in Go executable? Languages

Why is the heap in Go executable?

I recently read this article http://codearcana.com/posts/2012/05/06/securing-and-exploiting-go-binaries.html which claims in Go that the heap is executable. This raises a few different questions for me about the interaction between the runtime and the operating system.
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Allocating a large memory block in C++ Languages

Allocating a large memory block in C++

I am trying to allocate a large memory block for a 3D matrix in C++ of floating point value. It's dimensions are 44100x2200x2. This should take exactly 44100x2200x2x4 bytes of memory which is about 7.7gb. I am compiling my code using g++ on a 64bit x86 machine with Ubuntu. When...
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C++ creating huge vector Languages

C++ creating huge vector

For a process I'm trying to run I need to have a std::vector of std::tuple<long unsigned int, long unsigned int>. The test I'm doing right now should create a vector of 47,614,527,250 (around 47 billion) tuples but actually crashes right there on creation with the error terminate called after throwing...
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