Volatile keyword Thread Safety Languages

Volatile keyword Thread Safety

After Googling a lot, I found multiple definitions for volatile keyword.Concept 1:Some Website says, it is thread safe, as thread acts on the main memory where volatile keyword is stored and modifies it without pulling it to thread stack space.
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How to perform double buffering with atomic pointers? Languages

How to perform double buffering with atomic pointers?

Atomic newbie here. My code currently looks like this (simplified):In words, my idea is to let thread_b atomically swap the shared object (double-buffering), while thread_a performs some work on it. My question: can I safely assume that the shared object will be "protected" against data races while thread_a calls doSomething()...
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Producer/Consumer with C# structs? Languages

Producer/Consumer with C# structs?

I have a singleton object that process requests. Each request takes around one millisecond to be completed, usually less. This object is not thread-safe and it expects requests in a particular format, encapsulated in the Request class, and returns the result as Response. This processor has another producer/consumer that sends/receives...
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