Perl6 IO::Socket::Async truncates data Languages

Perl6 IO::Socket::Async truncates data

I'm rewriting my P5 socket server in P6 using IO::Socket::Async, but the data received got truncated 1 character at the end and that 1 character is received on the next connection. Someone from Perl6 Facebook group (Jonathan Worthington) pointed that this might be due to the nature of strings and...
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Converting pack to perl6 Languages

Converting pack to perl6

I would like to convert the following from perl5 to perl6,It create a string of 16 characters where each character has a randomly picked value from 0 to 255. Perl5 doesn't assign any semantics to those characters, so they could be bytes, Unicode Code Points, or something else.
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Basic Authentication in perl6 with Cro Languages

Basic Authentication in perl6 with Cro

I am looking for a simple solution to protect my routes with the Basic Authentication mechanism with Cro. In my example I'd like to see a 401 Unauthorized if you don't provide any credentials at all. If you provide wrong credentials I like to see a 403 Forbidden
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