How can I create a calendar input in VBA Excel? Languages

How can I create a calendar input in VBA Excel?

Problem StatementIn VBA, three main kinds of date time controls can be used provided certain ocxs have been registered using administrator rights. These are VB6 controls and are not native to VBA environment. To install the Montview Control and Datetime Picker, we need to set a reference to Microsoft MonthView...
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Test Module VBA Languages

Test Module VBA

i'm trying to write a test module to test one of the modules I wrote in VBA. In specific, I have a if statement I would like to trigger using the test module by giving the module/funtion the wrong initial parameters. The module/function I would like to test is:
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Constant With Dot Operator (VBA) Languages

Constant With Dot Operator (VBA)

I want to have a catalog of constant materials so I can use code that looks like the following:Obviously the density and symbol for aluminum are not expected to change so I want these to be constants but I like the dot notation for simplicity.
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